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Wombat & Poss make beautiful, sustainable clothing and accessories for babies and children. Clothing that will stand the test of time and be well-worn, loved and handed-down the generations. Every item is sewn or hand-knitted in Canberra, Australia, using natural, sustainable fabrics and fibres.

My style is influenced by Scandinavian and Japanese design, with an Australian twist. I adore fabrics and I’m always looking out for unique, colourful and vibrant designs in organic cotton to complement my range. I love experimenting and evolving my designs and range so you’ll always find something new.

Being socially and environmentally responsible is important to me, and I donate a portion of my sales each month to wildlife, environmental and social justice groups which work to help make our world a fairer place for all.

Where can I find Wombat & Poss items?

Wombat & Poss goodies are available for sale online on Etsy, Madeit, and the Trove Canberra website. Or you can see them in person at Trove Canberra in Dickson. I also pop-up at markets around Canberra, particularly the Handmade Canberra markets.

Want to know more?

Find me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and check out my FAQ page where you can find out more! Happy browsing 🙂

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