Inspiration from Nature

One thing I love about living in Canberra is how easy it is to get away, either to the coast or into the bush. There’s something about wandering about in nature that I always find inspiring, from breathing the fresh air, exploring the landscape and sharing the joy of spotting plants and animals with my little people.

I find the combinations of colours and shapes endlessly fascinating. Little fungi caps remind me of ribbed beanies, the colour of a gum leaf gives me an idea for a series of stripes in a jumper and a splash of yellow or pink from leaves or bark help me imagine how these colours would look as a highlight.

On our most recent camping trip, the chance spotting of a wallaby munching on shrubbery gave me an idea for yet another animal-inspired beanie. I’ve made koalas and foxes (a feral animal here in Australia), and I’ve been sketching and mulling over ideas for new additions to my range. I have a couple in mind that I’m developing and will be knitting them up over the coming weeks. I can’t wait to share them with you!

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