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Blog tour: Marsupials and Monotremes – Wombats, platypus and echidnas on tour!

Oh wow! Kennard and Kennard’s new release of fabric by Amanda Brandl is just amazing. It’s called Marsupials and Monotremes and celebrates some of our unique animals and plants.

I’ve been looking forward to receiving my fabric for the blog tour and I was thrilled when I got to see this fabric in person. Seeing the vibrancy of the colours, feeling the softness of the cotton and thinking of the creative possibilities. There’s something about holding the fabric in your own hands that brings it to life!


I received five different patterns and colour-ways in this range and had some projects in mind. As always, with my zero-waste philosophy I’m keen to use ALL of the fabric – yes, all those offcuts and scraps get turned into something else!

The main items I wanted to make from these fabrics were bibs and shorts. I was keen to make something summery to celebrate the stunning colours in this fabric range.

I chose both the pale blue and the pink and white wombat print fabrics to use to make the bibs. The soft, fresh colours of these fabrics work really well for baby items and I just adore those wombats!

I lined the bibs with an organic cotton and hemp fleece fabric and it feels so beautifully soft and cuddly, yet it’s really absorbent and quick drying.

For the kids’ shorts, I chose the platypus with a turquoise background, the wombats and echidnas with blue background and the echidnas with the orange background. I was so pleased that I had ordered the orange fabric because it is just so lovely! I’m not usually a fan of orange, but this slightly dusky-orange colour is beautiful. It reminds me so much of the warmth of summer and sunsets.

I love how the vibrant colours work so well in children’s clothing. The cotton drapes beautifully, and the simple design really shows off the fabric patterns. Shorts in these fabrics would be perfect for girls or boys.

Once I had cut out the shorts, I had enough fabric left from the scraps to make some more bibs and some other bits and pieces. I’m really happy with how these bibs turned out.

Applique patches: One of my favourite things to do with small bits of fabric is to make applique patches and pockets on clothing. I had made some toddler jeans and wanted to add something to them. I fussy-cut some wombats and echidnas from the fabric scraps and used double-sided iron-on interfacing to fix them to the jeans. I didn’t sew around the edge on these but you certainly can to reinforce them. This is a really easy way of embellishing clothing or covering tears in clothes, and small children love pointing out the animals.

Fabric coasters: I had a bit of a play with up-cycling a favourite pair of worn-out jeans to make some cute fabric coasters, covered with pieces of the fabrics.

These are super easy to make – here’s how!

  1. Simply cut two pieces of fabric, roughly 11 cm/4.5 inches square (one from jeans or any other thick, repurposed fabric; the other from the fabric you want to showcase).
  2. Place right sides together, and sew around the edge of the squares, leaving a 3cm / 1 inch gap on one side.
  3. Snip off the corners, taking care not to cut the stitching. Now turn it inside out, making sure you push out the corners so everything is nice and square.
  4. Tuck in the overhang where you left the gap on one side, and iron the coaster flat.
  5. Top-stitch around the edge of the coaster and you’re done! If you wish, you can also sew from corner to corner diagonally across the coaster for extra durability.
  6. Now make yourself a cup of Fair Trade tea, sit back and enjoy your handiwork 🙂

Want to see what others have made with this beautiful fabric or maybe buy some to make something yourself? To see the full blog tour schedule for this Australian animal fabric collection, and to find a stockist please go to Kennard & Kennard or visit Be sure to check out these hashtags on Instagram to see what else happening: #marsupialsandmonotremes #kennardandkennard #amandabrandl #amandabrandldesigns

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