handmade children's clothing and accessories

Wombat & Poss

Beautiful.  Earth-friendly.  Handmade.

softie 7 - blue car - heldwash cloth 12 - green dots - tagbelt 14 - black-birds - in actionbaby pants 7 - blue elephants 2fingerless gloves 10 - cammoflage orange - in action 2wash cloth 20 - organic foxes - tagfingerless gloves 2 - pink heather - no buttons in actionbaby pants 8 - pink spotsfingerless gloves 11 - charcoal grey - in action

Hi, I’m Kylie!

I hand-make a range of clothing, accessories and toys for babies, children and grown-ups.   The pictures here are some examples of my products made using natural, organic and vintage fabrics and fibres.


Kylie x




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