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When to change that needle…

It’s probably not a surprise that I love sewing! I find it relaxing to spend time at my machine, sewing something beautiful and 

destined to be worn over and over again. Something I’m guilty of though is not always being so mindful of my lovely sewing machine. This year, I’ve resolved to take better care of my work-horse, which is starting with (always) using the correct needle for the job and changing needles regularly.

Photo via Craftsy

One thing I’ve never been sure of is when to change a needle. What are the signs that a needle is getting worn and is in danger of damaging your machine or fabric? While I had some of my own ideas, with this many questions I thought I’d do a bit of research.

I found some fabulous online resources covering everything you need to know about sewing machine needles. Here’s links to a couple that I hope you find as useful as I did.

So, here’s to a great new year of sewing machine care and maintenance!


{Photo credit: top photo via Leafy Tree Top Spot}

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