handmade children's clothing and accessories

The humble hanky

The Autumn days are growing longer and a cool chill is descending in the evening.  Winter is around the corner with sniffles and sneezes to follow.

The humble hanky, although often overlooked, is incredibly practical and will never shred in the wash, leaving little specks of white all over your black tee.  They are a great environmentally friendly alternative to tissues and have a long history.  They were reportedly used during Roman times and I’m sure the dapper Mr Darcy would have sported a “pocket square”.

While often not noticed, they are really missed when you don’t have one and the occasion strikes.  They are indispensable at our house for grown-ups and kids alike.  I found it hard to find hankies made with quirky fabrics for kids, so decided to create some of my own using a range of organic, vintage and quilting fabrics.  I’ve been sewing up a number of these little sweeties, small squares of brightly coloured and richly patterned fabrics.

So, “bring back the hanky!” I say.  Wave them proudly in the air and be prepared this Winter.


Kylie x



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