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A new challenge

I’m always looking for new challenges with knitting or sewing and children’s birthday presents can present the perfect opportunity!  I’d been wanting to make a zippered pencil case for ages, so seized the chance when a birthday party was coming up.

I had bought some coloured pencils and thought a case to go with them would be a nice gift.  Rummaging around in my fabric stash I unearthed some suitable fabrics, a pretty floral ‘Oliver and S’ one for the outside and a bright spotty one for the lining.  I used a tutorial from Design Sponge as my guide and worked out the dimensions based on the size of the pencils.

choosing the fabric
Two fabrics chosen for the pencil case

I used some iron-on wadding to give the pencil case some soft structure and then it was time to tackle the zipper.  I don’t think I’d put a zipper in something for many many years so I wasn’t looking forward to this bit.  Fortunately it was much easier than I remembered!  The zipper foot on the machine makes everything easier and once I got my head around which bits went where, it was ok.

inserting the zipper
Inserting the zipper

Next it was time to sew the base and sides together – again some mental gymnastics were required to work out how it all fitted.  Some more sewing, then voilà!  A lovely gift.

the finished product

From start to finish this project probably took me around 1 1/2 – 2 hours but I now know how it fits together so it’d be quicker next time I try one.

Do you ever hand-make presents for friends?  What are you most proud of?


Kylie x


4 thoughts on “A new challenge”

    1. Thank you Nurdan. I loved making the pencil case and I had a real sense of satisfaction after putting in the zipper and completing it. Have you put yours on your blog? I’ll have to take a look 😀

  1. Lovely job! Pencil cases are a great ‘go-to’ project when I need a quick gift. I’ve made them with lots of cool fabrics including brightly coloured fake fur! Sewing the zipper into that was challenging!

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