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New stockist: Bamboo lulu

I’m excited to have a selection of my organic cotton and bamboo wash-cloths available in Bamboo Lulu‘s beautiful online store. 

These wash-cloths are so versatile! Use them instead of disposable wipes at nappy change time, for bathing baby, cleaning up after feeding time, as a burp cloth and cleaning the inevitable spills and messes with small people. They’re even great as face washers for older children and their patterns encourage a fun bath-time experience.

Bamboo Lulu’s shop is worth a visit as they have a lovely range of earth-friendly essentials for babies. How nice to know you can shop in your PJs and have gorgeous items delivered to your door!

You can find the wash-cloths here: https://www.bamboolulu.com.au/product/organic-wash-cloths-2-pack/

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